"Trainer's Guide for Participatory Learning and Action and PLA Archive"

What? The Participatory Learning and Action Trainer’s Guide is part of the the International Institute for Environment and Development Methodology Series which offers tools, techniques and exercises to build dynamic learning environments for adult learners.  The two part manual draws on decades of research by the IIED and provides guidelines for community empowerment through participatory projects.  

The PLA archive includes a number of peer reviewed articles on methods and best practices for participatory development. Subjects of these additional resources range from Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change to Deliberative Democracy and Citizen Empowerment.  

Why? Participatory research and instruction work to include the voices of communities typically excluded from the planning and development process by providing these populations with the tools to actively engage in decision making processes.  The PLA Trainer’s Guide supplies facilitators with resources to address challenges throughout the participatory development process and tips to ensure these projects benefit the communities most in need.  

Source: http://pubs.iied.org/pdfs/6021IIED.pdf