"A Consensus Handbook: Co-operative decision-making for activists, co-ops and communities"

What? A Consensus Handbook is a manual created by the UK Social Justice and Environmental Activism Worker Co-op, Seeds for Change, that provides tools and techniques for cooperative decision making processes.  The manual includes methods for troubleshooting obstacles and addressing conflict as well as a guide for facilitating consensus practices in workshops and skillshares.  

Why? Consensus building is a strategy used as an alternative to voting and representative democracy processes that ensures all members of a community have a voice in shaping the decisions which impact them.  Participants in group consensus practices stay engaged in the decision making process and feel confident that everyoneā€™s perspective is taken into account. This process can counter existing power inequities in order to provide all participants with an equal voice in determining the outcome of their community.

Source: http://seedsforchange.org.uk/handbookweb.p...