"Action Guides"

Action Guides by the Neighborhood Design Center

What? Maryland based planning and design nonprofit Neighborhood Design Center has created five guides to the community services they offer. Topics include planting trees, planning and making a neighborhood mural, home weatherization (a great way for home owners to save money on their energy bills), weed removal, and giving presentations. 

Why? These pamphlets are great because they include project folks can do both as a group or on their individual home and/or property. Home and property improvements are an important part of overall neighborhood care. Folks who complete an individual project can share successes and lessons learned with neighbors. Each pamphlet outlines clear supply needs, project benefits, and step-by-step instructions. 

More info please! The Neighborhood Design Center provides pro-bono design and planning services to communities in Maryland. Projects they've worked on include the concept design of a streetscape master plan and the design and installation of a pollinator garden in collaboration with a local school. If these guides look familiar, it might be because they're designed by the Detroit Collaborative Design Center and have the same aesthetic and concept as their "How-to...." guides included in the People's Design Library