"DCDC: How to..."

Detroit Community Design Collaborative, 2013

What? A set of 8 guides to getting a community based project completed, designed by the Detroit Community Design Collaborative, a Michigan based non-profit architecture and urban design firm. Geared toward communities and organizations, these colorful, easy-to-follow pamphlets cover topics like how to get the word about your project out into the community and how to put together a grant proposal to fund your work.

Titles in the series are:
How Do I…Use the How-To Guides? ¿Cómo... utilizo las guías de ayuda?
How Do I…Prepare a Grant Proposal? ¿Cómo... preparar una propuesta para una beca ? 
How Do I…Start a Social Media Strategy? / ¿Cómo... comienzo a utilizar las redes sociales como una estrategia de mercancía? 
How Do I…Create and Maintain A Block Club? ¿Cómo... formar y mantener juntas entre vecinos de la comunidad? 
How Do I…Organize a Neighborhood Clean Up Day? ¿Cómo... organizar un día de limpieza en mi vecindario? 
How Do I…Outreach to My Community? ¿Cómo... puedo hacer el alcance a mi comunidad? 
How Do I…Create a Story for My Project? ¿Cómo... creo una historia para mí proyecto? 
How Do I…Find Resources for My Small Business? / ¿Cómo... encuentro recursos para mi negocio pequeño? 

Why? Even the smallest project can seem daunting if you have never taken one on before. These guides offer a clear what, why, when, where, and who to a variety of projects that can be taken on by a small group of neighbors or an established community organization. They are a great place to look if you want to start your first community project!

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