"The PARK(ing) DAY Manual"

Rebar, 2011

What? A short, practical guide to planning, designing and hosting a PARK(ing) DAY event, a yearly occurrence on the third Thursday of September, when people across the globe temporarily transform a metered parking space into a small public space or park. Started in 2005 by San Francisco based art, design, and activism firm Rebar, PARK(ing) DAY is an opportunity to test small scale ways of activating an underused space. These activations can range from hosting a small public event to prototyping a design idea to inviting friends and neighbors to hang out and talk.

Why? Despite the importance of public space in creating a vibrant city, many neighborhoods in Dallas (and cities throughout the US) lack adequate gathering and recreational spaces. PARK(ing) DAY highlights the need and desire for new public spaces, especially over plans that give primacy to space for cars. 

More info please! For design and activity ideas about doing your own PARK(ing) DAY, check out the inspiration post on PARK(ing) DAYs around the world.

Download the guide here