Rapido ADU

We have developed a series of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) that utilize the RAPIDO CORE as a base building and explore different outdoor design layouts that allow for adaptation and flexibility of placement in multiple lot configurations.

There are many reasons a property owner would want to invest in an ADU:

All of our ADU designs utilize the CORE designed for durable and fast hurricane relief. These structures can be built quickly using standard materials and construction methods and are designed on raised platforms in order to avoid damage from  flooding. These homes can also be used as a safe house during a storm, especially if your homes sustains serious damage. Because RAPIDO CORE’s can be built quickly,  the ADU unit can act as temporary housing and allow homeowners whose houses are in need of repairs to remain on their property while their homes is repaired or rebuilt. ADUs are also often rented out to individuals, and this extra structure can give the homeowner an extra source of income once they have returned to their repaired home.