Overcoming the major economic and social issues in the city that affect the working poor requires coordinated data gathering and analysis. Building on work to empower neighborhoods and community organizations through POP (People Organizing Place), [bc] offers analytic services to organizations working across North Texas.

To date, a partnership with the Communities Foundation of TexasData Driven Decision-Making Institute (D3) has enabled bcANALYTICS to provide analytic reports to 11 nonprofit organizations serving the working poor in North Texas. [bc] will continue to offer these services to the current D3 class through Summer 2016.

This is a D3 report completed for AVANCE-Dallas. To help AVANCE-Dallas expand their early childhood operation, [bc] provided a set of recommendations to guide future growth in areas of need. This report draws from a number of national, state, and local data to identify and contextualize issues affecting AVANCE-Dallas’ strategic decision-making.

An excerpt from [bc]'s D3 report for AVANCE-Dallas