"How Can I Improve My Park?"

Click on the image to get the guide!

Click on the image to get the guide!

The Center for Urban Pedagogy, 2014

What? An illustrated guide to improving city owned parks. A collaboration between Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), a non-profit organization that uses art and design to increase civic participation, and a number of New York City based park-advocacy groups, this pamphlet guides city residents through the process of identifying, developing and initiating park improvement projects. Although the information is sometimes very New York specific, much of it can be easily applied to other cities.

Why? Parks are vital to the city - as a wonderful shared resource it's important that people know how to get involved in keeping them in the best shape possible! It's not an easy process, but history has shown that the hard work of a few persistent citizens can make a huge difference.

More info please! The guide can be downloaded in English here and in Spanish here. Check out CUP's other amazing projects, including films, guides, and tools.  

Source: http://welcometocup.org/Projects/MakingPol...