400 Years of History with Cardboard

Public Workshop, 2014

Part of Camp Crescent, a two day festival exploring and celebrating the history of Grays Ferry Crescent, 400 Years of History with Cardboard is exactly what it sounds like - an installation of cardboard models that represent often forgotten local histories of events, buildings, people, and infrastructure. The activity allows individuals the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities from historic research to the creation of replica historic building and places out of cardboard. It provides an engaging method to visualize and spatialize the past, building knowledge about a place.

The project is fun, easily scaleable, and engaging for a variety of age groups and skill levels. It also creates an end product that can be repurposed and used to bring the past to life. From the creation of a single building or the construction of an entire city, model making is a great way to explore a place and learn something new.

Public Workshop is a Philadelphia based organization that works with youth to imagine and create change in their communities. 400 Years of History with Cardboard is just one of their amazing projects - check more of their work with kids, including the awesome The Building Hero Project store on Etsy, a design leadership and entrepreneurship program.